Opportunities and Mentors

If your dream job is in the film industry it can be very intimidating, we are warned by friends and family about how difficult it is get into the industry, or any creative industry, but by taking it one step at a time, creating networks and taking advantage of opportunities you could one day be working on your dream job.

Sometimes in order to achieve this dream you have to start from the bottom, this could mean doing an unpaid internship, being a film extra, working on the crew or being an assistant to someone working within the film industry. With a quick search you can find many different film internships and extra jobs. If you are willing to put in the time and effort this can be a great way to get your foot in the door and potentially create networks and opportunities, at the very least it’s great experience to have on the resume.


Mentors can also play a very important role in helping achieving your dream and reaching your full potential. For me one of my mentors is my current boss who is very supportive and has given me many different opportunities within the workplace to practice and learn aspects within my practice. While this may not be work specifically within the film industry my boss was aware of my background in media and when opportunities arose within the faculty she was quick to push me in the right direction. My boss is very kind and supportive and this has really allowed me to have a confidence in my work that I never previously had, she has also put me in situations where I have the opportunity to learn which has helped me grow in my practice. (I wrote previously about my work experiences here.)

It’s not always an easy road to the top but when you are pursuing something that you are truly passionate about it can be worth putting in the time and effort. But we don’t have to take this trip alone, seeking help, support and advice from a mentor can help build confidence, opportunities and push us in the right direction.


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