My Hero – Kevin Smith

I enjoy many aspects in film making and have had the opportunity to experiences many different pieces in the process and I believe that being involved in various parts of the film process can help a vision become much clearer, this is partly why Kevin Smith is one of my heroes.

Kevin Smith attended film school in Vancouver but dropped out to save money and make his first film Clerks 1994 and was credited as director, writer, actor, producer and film editor. This could be because of Smith’s incredibly small budget (mostly out of his parents pockets) but he has continued this pattern of taking on multiple roles throughout the majority of his career. Being involved in different aspects of film making has made it possible for Smith to create movies in his own original vision and have more control over the final product.

Smith’s multiple roles are not the only reason he is one of my heroes, as mentioned above Smith began his first film on a tiny budget which consisted of his and his family’s savings. A small budget is something every beginner film maker will have and Smith became an inspiration with his resourcefulness. He enlisted his family and friends for the cast and crew, filmed in his current workplace (a small convenience store) and took on multiple roles within filming.

Being a film school dropout Smith showed us, and tells us in many of his podcasts, that if you’re passionate about what you do and you work hard anyone can pick up a camera and make a film, especially in our day and age with cheaper camera’s and video cameras on phones. Inspiring others and encouraging people to go after what they love in one of Smith’s core values and you can see this every time he speaks to any audience. His love for inspiring people and opening up about his experiences is a major part of why he is one of my heroes.

Smith has also expanded into other media founding his podcast company SModcast in 2010, once again enlisted in the help of his friends and currently has 16 running podcasts as well as many others over the years. This bold step in pursuing a completely different career in media, while still continuing to make films, is another reason why Smith is such a hero and inspiration as I am very interested in all media as well as film making.

Overall Smith is one of my favourite filmmakers, not only for his final product but for his journey into and through the industry as well as his constant inspiration and encouragement towards young and inexperienced filmmakers.


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