My Practice

I have always been interested in film, growing up movies were a massive part of my family’s life and something we always loved to share and experience together. Films like Jurassic Park and Jaws captured my imagination and I was so jealous of the people who could make these worlds and stories come alive.

Coming into university and pursuing a Communications and Media degree I have had a few opportunities to dip my toes into the world of film making and contribute in different ways. I originally began photography work as it is a skill I am well practiced in. About four years ago I started working in the School of Nursing at the University of Wollongong doing administration but after getting to know some people I soon got the opportunity to photograph some research workshops. This then lead to other photography jobs within the facility such as graduation photos and the organisation of professional portraits.

My job has also allowed me to work behind the scenes of a tutorial video developed to help nurses use a tool designed by the university. This gave me the opportunity to work within a small film crew where I helped with organisation, planning, lighting and structure of the video. While I did not film anything for the tutorial the camera operators were kind enough to show me the basics of working behind the camera and tips on placement within the frame. Through this experience I was able to get a broad view of some of the tasks involved with being in a film crew, and gave me the confidence to continue perusing this practice.


Last year my friend gave me the opportunity to work on a short film for his final year in university. I was involved from the beginning of the process and was allowed to participate in many different aspects of filming as well as learning many new skills. My classmate and I had always bonded over horror films so when he decided to make a horror film I was able to contribute to the story and storyboards which is something I had never done before. I was tasked with assistant director and producer roles which I really enjoyed as it allowed me to help make decisions that impacted the final product.

While I have yet been unable to settle on a specific practice I have had the opportunity to experience and participate in many different aspects of film and photography. I have also established many different skills in organisation, planning, film structure, directing, producing and overall a greater understanding of working behind the scenes of films.


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