The Endless Android VS iPhone Debate Part 2

Discussing the topic of Apple VS Android got me thinking, haven’t I had this talk 1000 times before? The answer is yes, yes I have, I even wrote a blog post on it last year, which you can view here.  But the real question is, how has my opinion changed over the last year?

Firstly I have not upgraded my phone at all so I am still sitting with the iPhone 4s, but this time with the added iOS 7 software, which one could argue is strangely similar to the android system.
Without personally owning and using an Android powered phone, I am unable to sway the comfort and simplicity that the iPhone brings. However, I have noticed quiet a drastic change in opinions on both the iPhone (iOS) and android.

What was once the coolest toy on the market Apple’s iphone is slowly getting pushed out by Android as it gets more popular as Apple’s sparkle wears off. As shown in the graph below this year alone shows Android’s growing popularity as it exceeds Apple.



But what makes Android so fantastic in comparison to Apple? Well this article lists 25 things that make the iPhone look like a piece of crap when you compare it to the newer Androids. But what it all comes down to is the fact that Android is a generative platform, allowing users to have much more control over their device than those that operate on a locked platform such as the iPhone. The open technology of the Android makes almost anything possible, you can even use your phone as a security camera and access the live stream online or even run a web server. While these are both simple ideas the uses for Android phones are practically endless and if you have the knowledge and time you can do pretty much anything. However if you have an iPhone I am sorry to say that your dreams of programming it to do your every whim end here as Apple’s locked system doesn’t allow for any programming or alteration to their software.

However as mentioned in my previous Apple VS Android post this phone programming is not for everyone. If you’re buying your 80 year old Grandmother an Android phone in hopes that she will discover a passion for phone programming you’re probably on the wrong track. And while I don’t normally like to compare myself to Grandmothers in this case we are almost exactly alike in our phone programming skills, and I am sure there are many people closer to my age who are less than enticed by the generative platform of the Android. Fortunately, for Apple this is a massive market that they have the ability to take control of.

Overall, the decision between Apple and Android will always be a hard one for me, as well as many other people; it does however seems that Apple is on the decline as Android races to pick up those who have fallen from the Apple bandwagon. Lastly I’ll throw a question out to you guys, what type of phone do you use and why?


Haselton, T. 2013. Top 5 Android Smartphones (October 2013). TechnoBuffalo, (online) 11/10/2013, available at: (accessed: 20/10/2013)


One thought on “The Endless Android VS iPhone Debate Part 2

  1. Again I find myself commenting that to me it really doesn’t matter one-way or the other. I can see both sides of the argument and it really is up to personal preference. I am an android user myself but I don’t think the sun shines out of it, nor do I look down my nose at apple products, in fact I own an iPad. The thing that sold me on the android was the fact that it was an open device. Having said that I have had it over a year and have yet to do anything that the iPhone can’t but it just the fact that I CAN if and when I want to without risking the security of course.

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