Does nomophobia affect you or someone you love?

It physically hurt me to watch the video above, it was all too familiar yet completely eye opening. Nobody can escape the grasp that the smartphone has on us, for some people misplacing their phone is one of the cruellest games the universe can play with them.

I have taken my phone clubbing with me a total of one time (where I broke it and vowed never to take it out dancing with me again) but I have been witness to countless breakdowns where drunk friends struggle with finding a suitable places to stash their phones, often ending up inside bras, or even shoes. Let me repeat that for dramatic effect, people are willingly putting their mobile phones in their shoes rather than leaving them at home for one night. That is the point we have reached.

Mobile phones have always been a hot topic of discussion in my home; both my sister and I were not allowed phones until we were 14 and to this day we wouldn’t dare bring our phones to the dinner table, and that’s something we have been conditioned to apply to any meal time with any people. However more often than not I will end up sitting at a table with a group of friends all playing on their smartphones, which normally leads to a sigh of defeat as I post a photo of my food to Instagram.

One blog post that really kept my attention was “Smartphone Addiction” where not only were we given shocking statistics (12% take their phone into the shower with them, 20% of young adults have admitted to using their phone during sex) but Archer also provides us with a list of rules that people should apply to their lives every day in regards to smartphones. These rules include; no texting while driving, no phones on dates, no more falling asleep staring at your screen and much more. I fully recommend reading the whole post for those of you who are starting to become worried about the potential, or current, Nomophobia (fear of being without your smartphone), which currently effects 40% of the population.

Walk down a busy street one day and count how many people are walking around with phones in front of their faces or up to their ear and see how many you can get before you lose count. I tried this and got to about 20 before giving up and walking the rest of the way while texting my friend and checking facebook, sometimes Nomophobia can even affect the best of us.
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Archer, D. 2013. Smartphone Addiction.Psychology Today, 25/07/2013, available at: (accessed: 01/09/2013)


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