Presence Bleed

Flexible; one of the most important words to put on a modern day resume and implement in the real life workplace. As technology and society evolves the workplace changes, in this instance we are moving away from the classic nine to five industrial work onto flexible information work.

Gregg states in ‘Presence Bleed: Performing Professionalism Online’ that;

“…new media technology has been marketed as giving us the freedom to work where we want, when we want, in so-called ‘flexible’ arrangements that apparently suit the conditions of the modern office.”

This new technology includes email, social media, video conferencing etc. and while it may be making people more productive is it having a negative impact on our home lives?
In ‘’Function Creep: Communication technologies and anticipatory labour in the information workplace’, Gregg speaks with a marketer who for 48hours every fortnight is placed on an on-call list, where she has to be available to video conference whenever they need her. She speaks of how difficult it is to balance work and personal/home life;

“…I was on a teleconference last night until 7.30, and I was on one again at 8 a.m. on the train this morning, and I was going to go to the gym in my lunch hour and I got called to another business bridge, and these are just urgent things. We have 20 minutes notice that you have to hop on…”

This isn’t an uncommon thing anymore, whether it’s checking emails, tweets or getting constant work updates, technology is bringing work into our homes. Is it however contributing to our stress levels? Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have analysed American’s self-reported stress levels from 1983, 2006 and 2009 and found that stress levels have increased 10-30% in the last three decades. Obviously, this study cannot be directly related to presence bleed but it does give some idea of how stress has increased overtime.

Overall, the structure of work is changing overtime, but as work changes people learn to adapt and do what is expected of them in the modern workforce.



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