Who are they really watching?

Last year the Department of Homeland Security was forced to release a list of key words and phrases that catch their attention when used online.  ‘I’m going to take this pork hostage on an aeroplane in order to create a Mexican wave’, contains five key words that Homeland Security has dubbed as potentially threatening. So in order to keep everyone safe the government has to spy on us, unless you are able to avoid all of the words listed.

However, is this whole situation really necessary? Do we really need to be spied on? The vast majority of us aren’t doing anything wrong online or planning anything that could be seen as a threat to national security, yet we still have our internet history stored and observed.

For many people their biggest concern is the government seeing what type of weird porn they are googling or that embarrassing picture they just accidentally sent, but what they should be concerned about is how their internet history of the present may affect their future. What is seen as normal or unthreatening now may change in the future and then this little government spying issue, that many people are not taking seriously, might blow up.

People in America are quite aware of these problems because the issue is so close to home, while for Australians it is much harder to grasp the concept, as it’s not happening right at our doorstep. However, it is something that everyone needs to be aware of because as Barlow states, cyberspace has no borders, and this affects us just as much as everybody else.

This is however my personal opinion, I know many people who are completely content with this issue, because why would they government bother spying on them when they have terrorists to be worrying about. What are your opinions?


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