Media consumption overload



My whole world and everything I have ever needed for my media consumption is right here in this photograph. If I’m in my room; desktop, uni; laptop, everywhere that isn’t my room or uni; smart phone. The space around me always determines how I consume my media, and believe me, the consumption rate is high, however is this consumption too high?

Ahuja states in her article that teenagers today spend more than 7 and a half  hours a day consuming media, and I can tell you that due to being a communications and media student (and many other reasons) I spend far more than 7 and a half  hours consuming media. There is also a study from 2011 that discovered the number of teenagers who own phones has increased by 45% since 2004 and that they send an average of 60 texts per day!

I think everyone of my generation has been told at some point in their life to get off the computer and go outside and exercise/get some fresh air/socialise, were all of our parent’s right to limit our media intake? According to Monash University, the prevalence of obesity in Australia has more than doubled in the past 20 years and more than fourteen million Australians are currently overweight or obese. While media consumption may not be the only cause of this increase, it is impossible to deny that our way of life and consumption of media has changed drastically over the past 20 years.

Another reason for this high consumption of media is that it is now easier than ever to watch television shows and movies, previously our space had determined the way in which we consumed media, while now we are far less constricted. If you wanted to watch television, you had to sit in your lounge room in front of the TV, or if you wanted to watch a film you had to go to the cinema. However now we do not have to leave the comfort of our bed in order to watch a film, we can now watch it on our computers, tablets, phones etc. We don’t even have to leave the house to rent DVD’s or video tapes anymore, everything is available online, on demand or within subscription services like Netflix or Quickflix (the Australian equivalent).

Technology has made it possible for media to be consumed in any space, whether you are at home or in the middle of a desert, however is this having a negative impact on our society and the people within it? That is for you to decide for yourself, as there are so many arguments for and against, but personally I will be trying to limit my media intake, even if it is just down to the average of 7 and a half hours per day.



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