Reflection Post

The Endless Android VS iPhone Debate

This was one of my favourite posts, while yes, it may have been quite obvious the bias I presented but I felt as though it was one of my strongest opinion pieces. I made it very clear what side I was on and my opinions very concise. Bias is something that is found in many, if not all, blogs and while mine may have been quite prominent I felt that I expressed my opinions with reasoning and clarity. I had experience in both devices and I used the experience I gained in order to make an argument that I truly believed in.

The Evolvement of Audiences

This post’s topic was something that I felt I had quite a bit of knowledge about but as I researched and began to explore what the concept really meant I was able to gain so much more. Within this post I was able to use examples that were relevant and apply them into the points of my opinion. Through these examples I was able to show the change in audiences and how they are now able to make and produce media rather than just consume it.

All Hail the Nerd

This was a post that I very much enjoyed writing and researching as it’s a topic that I find quite intriguing. I also felt that the example of 21 Jump Street was very up-to-date and relevant as it expressed the exact ideas of this week’s topic. It literally took the two sides from a couple of years ago, cool and uncool (nerd), and threw them into today’s society, showing exactly what has become cool and mainstream in our culture today. I was also then able to use examples of other pop culture within today’s society in order to show the impact of this change in roles.

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