Bullying Online

The amount of women and girls on the internet that have been abused or harassed on the internet is unbelievable. Talk to any female and I can almost guarantee that if they haven’t personally been harassed then they know somebody who has, and for many people this online harassment is a daily thing.

Many people see others getting bullied online and think, “When you go online this is the type of thing people need to be prepared for, these things just need to be ignored.” While arguably this may be the case, but why should things that are said online be treated any differently to things said in person. For example if someone makes an offensive, sexist comment to someone online should they suffer the same consequences as those who say the same thing in real life. I personally believe that things said online should be treated very similarly to things said in real life, or at the very least offensive comments should be filtered out by the website.

Now while this may theoretically seem like a good idea it is much easier said than done. With large websites such as YouTube it is close to impossible to monitor all the comments due to the sheer number of videos uploaded daily, let alone all the comments on the millions of online videos.
So while harassment online is a problem it becomes very difficult to control due to the pure endlessness of the internet.

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