Now Everyone’s a Journalist

The internet is something that has changed or had influence on just about everybody’s life. For everyone it may have a slightly different impact, for example for some it may have changed the way they communicate with others, for other people it may be more significant such as a loss of a job due to the changes in industry the internet has caused.

One example of this loss of jobs is within the journalism sector. As the internet became more and more popular people started reporting on their own news, giving their own opinions, they could do this is multiple ways such as blogging and vlogging. This meant that people were able to get their news whenever they wanted; waiting for the 6 o’clock news or the morning paper was becoming a thing of the past. This lead too many newspapers posting their own stories online, but while these newspapers stick to their familiar way of writing the people of the internet were changing things up. Humour and informal language was now being incorporated into the news by citizens of the internet, making the appeal of news much higher, it was now easier to read, could be viewed at anytime and was on the things everyday people found interesting. Below is a news vlog done my Philip DeFranco (sxephil):

The internet has made everyone a journalist; there are now hundreds of sites where people can post news stories, opinions and facts. The growth of the internet has lead to an evolution in journalism, yes some people may have lost their jobs but so many others have been created. While many bloggers do it for fun and don’t get payed at all there is still the case where many are getting paid, DeFranco being another example as well as many other YouTubers. Now anyone and everyone can be a journalist.

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