All Hail the Nerd

You don’t have to look back very far to find a time where nerds were considered the most uncool of all the stereotypes, they were high shorts wearing, socially awkward, Star Wars watching, thick glassed nerds. This was how movies and TV shows would portray the classic nerd, and today many of these stereotypical features still apply but now the nerd is considered one of the cool kids.

One modern example of how nerds have changed over time was shown in the newly released 21 Jump Street movie. In this film during high school Channing Tatum’s character was cool and picked on many of the nerdy kids, one nerd being Jonah Hill’s character, who was tortured during his high school years for being a nerd. However they are then sent back to high school only a couple of years later for an undercover mission, this is when they discover that the tables have turned in the world of high school as Tatum is ostracised for his old ‘cool’ ways and Hill is welcomed with opened arms into what is now know as the cool group, a group of people who would have previously been nerds.

This is just one example of how views of nerds have changed over time. There have also been multiple shows centred around nerds (The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who) or have a nerdy protagonist (Chuck). The view of nerds has changed so drastically over time and this has allowed many people who had previously hidden their nerdy ways due to fear of judgment to show their true feels and express themselves how they have always wanted to. This change has allowed many people to be themselves and let their nerd flag fly.

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