Transmedia Storytelling

Transmedia storytelling is something that is becoming more and more popular as technology evolves.
One major example of Transmedia storytelling is The Matrix. The Matrix is told over many different media platforms, such as film (The Matrix Trilogy), Video Games (Enter the Matrix etc) and anime (Animatrix). This way the viewer is able to experience the story that they enjoy but on different platforms and obtaining a greater, more informative storyline. This not only allows a greater experience for the viewer but also means the franchise gains a much greater profit.

What was once a single platform experience has now transformed into a multiplatform experience, allowing for more involvement with the story, exposing many viewers to something completely different. For producers of Transmedia stories these different platforms allowed for them to capture their original audience and introduce them to a platform that they would not generally experience. This is the case for the TV show Desperate Housewives, which created a video game designed for their target audience of older females, those who would not ordinarily play video games, this therefore opened up a completely new market.

However, are these producers giving the audience what they want, or are they just using an already successful franchise in order to make some quick money? This is something that can’t be answered as it may be different in every case. And at times it may start of innocently enough with the producers wanting to give the viewer a greater experience and allow them to connect more with the story and characters. This however can then get out of hand as more and more stories are created over different platforms and the creatively and originally start to diminish. Again, this is not always the case but this does give produces the ability to exploit their audiences.

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