Confusion on Wall Street

One thing that many people find the Occupy Wall Street movement is confusing. They can be confused by things such as why the protesters are doing it and what they hope to actually achieve. This was one of the main problems with Occupy Wall Street as it became difficult for many people to see the point to it, which lead them to believe that it was just a mindless gathering of unemployed and debt ridden people complaining about their problems and wasting everyone time.

Then the advertisement above was released. This commercial does a number of things to help explain exactly what Occupy Wall Street is. Firstly, it comes straight from the protesters mouths, allowing the campaign to stick with obtaining their stories straight from the public, rather than using celebrities like many other commercials. It is also very clear-cut and straight to the point; the audience is first told exactly what the protesters are actually protesting about. It then goes on to say how they plan on achieving these goals, such as taxing the wealthy in order to help those in need and improve things such as education and health.

This commercial was able to achieve exactly what it set out to do as the message is so clear and straight to the point. This is just one example of how the protesters of Occupy Wall Street were able to spread their message and move one step closer to achieving what they have been working so hard for.

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