The Evolvement of Audiences

“ The people formally known as the audience”, this is what Jay Rosen is now saying about today’s modern audiences, which is a very truthful observation. Audiences were once only consumers, we could watch or read whatever we wanted but making an active contribution in media was a rare occurrence. However, nowadays the audience has moved from being the consumer onto having the potential to be an active producer.

The introduction of the Internet is one of the main reasons why the audience are now able to produce, share, as well as consume media. A great example of this happening is YouTube. Here the traditional media audience is able to upload their own videos as well as comment on other people’s videos. This way people are able to share an opinion on anything uploaded, unlike traditional media platforms such as television.

Millions of people access YouTube everyday and this makes it the perfect platform for people all over the world to interact with one another. If you go on YouTube you can find videos on anything, want to see a baby laughing? Or a guy getting hit in the head with a football? Type this into the YouTube search engine and thousands of hits appear.

But YouTube is not only for pure entertainment, this is a media platform where citizen journalism occurs. There are many different people on YouTube who run an online ‘show’ where they speak about current events and give their own personal opinion on them. One of my favourite YouTubers, Philip DeFranco, or sxephil, runs a channel like this and this is personally where I find many typical news stories. Philip has 2,026,733 subscribers and 835,619,073 video views, and this is only on his main channel. He also has a vlog and runs another channel call SourceFed, this makes YouTube limitless as this one YouTuber is able to express so many different opinions to so many different people all over the world. Through these channels, as well as most others, the public is able to comment on the videos, and a lot of the time they are asked to leave their opinion in the comment section. This allows anyone to share their opinion on anything and is why “the people formally known as the audience” is such a valid statement today. We have moved on from purely consuming media, now we are the media.

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