In today’s society it’s impossible to imagine a world without copyright. Every time we post something on the internet we’re reminded by that little voice in the back of our head to be careful about what we post online. Copyright cases such as Universal Music Studio VS Grooveshark and Acts like SOPA remind us of how serious copyright infringement is taken in the world today.
However this was not always case, there was once a time where copyright laws were nonexistent. This meant that anything, such as literature and music, could be copied and reproduced by anyone without any penalty.  But then in 1710 copyright was introduced in the Statute of Queen Anne, this was the beginning of copyright and the idea soon spread around the world and gave authors and artists the legal protection they needed. Yet in modern times copyright has taken a massive leap backwards due to piracy and illegal downloading. Truthfully there are way too many opinions on piracy for me to even begin to discuss it here, but I do think many of us have been guilty of illegally downloading movies or music from the internet. But as governments and organisations start to crack down on copyright laws it is becoming essential for everyone to be aware of what is and what isn’t allowed regarding the posting and downloading of things online.


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