Another addition to the other billion introductory posts.

Truthfully I have been putting off doing this blog for as long as possible due to the fact that I don’t really know what I should be saying or how I should be saying it. So just stick with me here as I stumble my way through this quick introduction of myself.

Firstly, I have been blogging for quite some time now on Tumblr, but that was purely so I would have somewhere to complain and share my thoughts on things that I felt to be important, which were more often that not films and TV shows. So this more professional way of writing to the internet is quite foreign to me and it truly feels strange to start sentences with an actual word, rather than ‘omg’ or ‘aHDShsdljq’, which seem to be the way I typically express my feelings.

So I am currently studying Communication and Media studies and majoring in Digital Media and Marketing and Advertising, which in these first two weeks has proven to be genuinely interesting. I would say that my life mostly revolves around films, directors and actors, particularly Quentin Tarantino, Robert Downey Jr., Leonardo DiCaprio and David Fincher. I really had to limit myself there, my list of favourite people could quite literally go on forever. One thing that I should get out in the open is my completely rational fear of clowns and moths. Many of my friends seem to find this hilarious, while personally I don’t find it quite as funny, some people are just much to oblivious of the dangers that both clowns and moths present.

Well that’s about all the irrelevant information I can give you guys for now but feel free to follow me on Twitter and read all my surely interesting future blog posts.

Until then,


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